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No.32 is located in Taiwan; we’re not a hotel, but nor are we a B&B or guesthouse.
No.32’s spirit is: eco-friendly, simple, lively, peaceful, cultured, and local.
No.32 is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.
No.32 can help you get free lodgings for the night; all we ask is that you support No.32’s community activities.
No.32’s location for overnight services is not necessarily at a particular location, but what we provide will definitely match what we describe here.
No.32 is currently located in Hualien, Taiwan. We can provide a location with free lodging within 5 minutes’ walk of the Hualien train station.

No.32 currently supports local initiatives in Hualien to 1) help local residents and 2) encourage a culture of creativity; so if you would like to support us, please pay in advance the deposit here, and the rest when you arrive in Hualien.

Not only do we offer local Hualien agricultural products, or creative cultural products (those products will depend on what we have in stock and also your monetary support), but we will also help you find a free place to lay your head for the evening (if you’d like to see the place, please see the pictures; of course you’re not obliged to stay in them – wink!).

If you choose to take advantage of your free lodging, we guarantee that you will receive: individual bedsheets, futon, pillow, and blanket. You will also have use of our shared bathrooms, showers, refrigerator, hair dryer, and coin-operated washers and dryers.

A shout-out to our local No.32 friends who have helped us provide our free lodgings! We have dorm-style top and lower bunks (carefully designed and constructed with local Taiwanese cypress wood). Our environment is simple and designed with sincerity and care. We are striving for a place where you can share your travel experiences with others. This place is ideal for someone who enjoys the minimalist lifestyle, and we look forward to getting to know more No.32 supporters in Eastern Taiwan who are willing to give us a try!

In order to stay eco-friendly, and also since we are concerned that our visitors to Hualien will get colds, we DO NOT have air-conditioning (A/C or aircon), and we ask that you bring your own hygiene products (i.e. shampoo, soap, etc.). In order to also let No.32 friends travel as they wish and to freely exchange life stories and experiences, we also do not currently offer individual rooms, and only have dorm-style housing.

We’re currently doing our best to operate within Taiwan’s legalese/official policies, so we ask that everyone cooperate with us on these following matters, so as to avoid any unnecessary issues or unpleasantries that may arise; if you cannot agree to the following, please DO NOT pay the deposit here::

1. If you are making the reservation on behalf of someone else, please make sure that everyone knows the No.32 rules to avoid the trouble that may be caused by not understanding the characters and rules of No.32.(other people may not understand the situation and cause confusion or unpleasantries).
2. You must agree that your reservation in advance is for the product or service we provide, and not for formal lodgings (when you pay the rest of the balance, we will ask you to sign to verify this).
3. You must not object to receiving the products we provide for you; if for some reason you cannot accept these products, we can cancel the reservation and the rest of the balance on the spot; however, the deposit will not be refundable.
4. You must give us notice at least three hours before your arrival by phone or by text; if you cannot do so, please DO NOT reserve the product with us; it would be best if you had a Taiwanese cell phone. You must carry our phone number with you!
5. If you do not agree with the spirit and philosophy of No.32, please do not reserve the product with us.
6. If you have limited mobility, have pets or small animals with you, or are not able to comply with our living rules, please do not reserve the product with us.

Rules to Live by at No.32:
• Do not cook or eat in the dorms or smoke in the dorms
• Please do not talk loudly when it will interfere with others’ sleep or rest
• Please do not move any indoor furniture without the management’s consent
• Take care of your own trash by sorting it and neatly disposing it
• When you are done with books, journals or magazines, please replace them where you found them
• If you cause damage to or remove any indoor furniture, you must compensate us
• Help us keep the common areas neat and orderly
• Please do not use your own hairdryer or other high-electricity consumption appliances/ devices


  • Air Conditioning
  • Bar
  • Bicycle Hire
  • Breakfast Not Included
  • Free WiFi
  • Hairdryers
  • Hot Showers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Tours/Travel Desk
  • Washing machine
  • Credit Cards Not Accepted
  • Non Smoking


FBO is within 5 minutes walking from Hualien Railway Station.
You will see the address details and contact number in your confirmation letter.

Please note: please get in touch with us by phone or text at least three hours before your arrival in Hualien. If you do not have a way to get in touch with us directly, please DO NOT reserve and pay, so as to avoid any confusion or disputes.

If you are arriving in Hualien by any transportation method other than the train, please find a way to get to the Hualien train station. Then, follow these below directions to arrive at FBO!

If you are arriving in Hualien by train, please exit the Hualien train station using the FRONT exit. Proceed straight from the Front Exit until the second stoplight; this will take you 3-5 minutes on foot. If you are on a scooter, bike, or car, you will be here in under a minute.