Yaya Hostel
No. 34, Lane 43, East Hansheng Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

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From Nights People


Hi, What's your tips on how to choose a suitable hostel around Taipei?If you have the desiration on things below-----------
1.Rest peacefully and enjoy surrounding without smokewinenoisy.
2.Convenient transportation in transaction center & fashion of Mondern city & local traditional style, while living at the edge of Taipei
3.Various Hobbies, such as bicycle, badminton, art, music, gardening, dilicious food, handcraft, dance, drama, yoga, reading, chess, handwriting, drawing, travelling, dream, writing, articture, different culture......
Yayahostel will be undoubtely your Good choice !

─5 star transportation,another choice compared with Taipei Station─
BanQiao Station is an important transportation / transaction center around Taiwan&Taipei. Luckily, It's only 5 mins walk away from Yaya Hostel to BanChiao Station (BanQiao Station).

─Same as your family─
Yaya Hostel is an old building of Taipei Style. It is in a quiet green lane so that you can hear birds, find small temple, small garden along street.......Yaya Hostel will show you local sincerity, homestay's comfortable and international Hostel's convience.

─Comfortable Life─
You can enjoy natural family life in Yaya Hostel. There are all kinds of furniture & service free of charge let you feel like at home. Washing machine, dryer machine, clothes hanger, small kitchen, juice machine, WIFi, computer, library, TV, Tourism Inquiry, Flower Tea Buffet, Game Zone, Garden, Mini Exhibition, Business Affair Assistant......are inclusive.

─Be friends with world─
In Yaya Hostel, you can exchange presents with friends, share dreams on dream wall, show your hobbies in our mini exhibition or join parties, taste dilicious food taken by different guests, have fun in traditional game, drink traditional Chinese Tea......Also, join our online activities hold in facebook......Come to Yaya Hostel, take your small presents, be briends with the world!



From TaoYuan International Airport----take airport shuttle bus to BanQiao Station. Then walk 5 mins away to Yaya hostel.
From SongShan Airport------take subway to BanQiao Station. Then walk 5 mins away to Yaya hostel.
From other cities in Taiwan------take city bus to BanQiao Station. Then walk 5 mins away to Yaya hostel.
From other places in Taipei------take subway/ bus/taxi to BanQiao Station. Then walk 5 mins away to Yaya hostel.

Our Address is No. 34. Lane 43, East HanSheng Rd. BanQiao. Taipei.